How to save money..

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How to save money..

Hi there, We’re regular people who works very hard in order to achieve our needs in life, just like you! We’re going to work every day, paying car financing and a mortgage twice a month, Just like you! We’re worried about our next generation and their future, just like you! We’re trying to contribute money to our saving account as much as possible, just like you! And we try to save as much on our Phone bill, Hydro, Utilities, Internet etc, etc, .. you guessed well, just like you!! We also like shopping and to spoil ourselves just like you!
Last year during our holiday shopping we reached a conclusion that with all of the expenses of life necessities there was not much left for luxury. We didn’t like the idea! We also thought that maybe the amount we budgeted ourselves for the holiday season (gifts etc) we could change for less. However, there wasn’t much we could do at that specific point.
As they say, ideas will pop up, and we came with an idea of an online store with pricing ranging no higher than 49.99 CAD! So everyone would be able to afford that little extra in life without the worries about a high budget!
Our store targets 2018’s hottest items related to Fashion, Health, Tech, Equipment, and all gifts for special occasions with a big emphasis to Christmas!!!! Feel free to tour around and enjoy our collections, please send us some ideas, and offer us other suggestions that could match our store! Or even ask questions! We’re here to help!
And don’t forget, Here, it’s Christmas every day!


  • Cheryl Turner

    OK this is now message #3 and I am very upset, I ordered one of your products on July 1st/2019 and of course it was taken off my Visa right away however, I have not received my order nor have I heard anything from this company. I have not received confirmation of my order, no tracking number, and I have never received a notice that my order has been shipped. If you really are a Canadian business, you should be very embarassed with your lack of customer service. I would really appreciate hearing from you ASAP

  • Tanya werden

    I ordered 4 pairs of Pajamas and have only received three. I sent an email inquiring but no one is contacting me. I have paid for the item and want it delivered. Please get in touch with me.

  • Liv

    I am currently considering purchasing the following product:
    “Autumn Winter Christmas Sweater Cute Dachshund and Snow For her
    Green / M”.

    Upon checkout, it states that the only shipping option is Standard Shipping for $0.99 but does NOT state how long it will take or when the product will arrive.

    Can you please clarify this BEFORE I purchase the item?

    Thank you.


    Can you please tell me if your products are manufactured 100% in Canada, or are the imported from other countries and sold in Canada? Just trying to keep our dollars local.

    I’m looking to open a Christmas store and would like to keep it as Canadian as possible. Can you please advise? Are you in a position to vendor to a small retail store?

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