Introducing Christmashop

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Introducing Christmashop

Hello dear friends I hope your day is going well..

I want to ask you a few questions..

How many of you guys are working?

How many of you are working hard?

How many of you aren't makings a huge fat paycheck?

How many of you care about your money?

How many of you are struggling with money?

My guess is that most of us will answer ‘yes’ to one of the questions above, maybe even to all of them.

Guys! We are facing a very Easy/Difficult era these days. Social media has full control over us, everyone knows everything.

What's trendy right now!

What's lit and necessary!

Everybody knows what they want!!!

Your kids know a lot more than what you think they do, and they'll wave it right in front of your face requiring what their friends have and what the media puts in front of their face. Can we blame them for it? I don't think so! Can we stop the media? LOL! I don't think that we want it either, after all we're the ones who brought the media to where it is today.

Media helps us all in many ways, the knowledge and awareness to the weakness of different Races, Species, Diseases , Global warming, etc, etc, Believe me the list is endless, and this side of the coin makes our era easy.

However, the exposure to the life of a very small percentage of people who lives between us has become a lot more noticeable.. and what can we do about our Nature that “wants” and “needs" everything he sees!!

Now Ladies and Gentlemen, that makes our era very much difficult.

Let me ask you another question? What if you had an opportunity to live in a world without the obligation of budget??

You know that’s it's a wrong question to ask, What about a world with a budget roof of only 49.99$ CAD?

Well, I'm assuming that all of you would be screaming YES YES YES!

Guess what? This world exists!!! And it's called ‘Christmashop’!!!

We really want to change the mindset of all shoppers around the world who likes Accessories related to Fashion, Health, Technology, Gifts and many occasions. And of course Christmas and other Holiday equipment, decorations and other Needs.

We want you to enjoy what the world has already offered you which is your family friends, and life! Not What the media puts in your head considering joy which most likely is bling and glam.. we don't have a problem with it, but we do know that the majority will struggle in order to achieve those wishes. And that's unfortunate!! Why should a dad at Christmas eve dinner be thinking of the debts he's gonna put under the tree tonight??? Why does a mom struggle to be fully happy on her kids birthday??? Yes, this is where our minds are when we decided to create the idea of Christmashop. There is no perfection and we couldn't put our hands on every aspect in life under the low budget of 49.99 CAD but we're doing the most to bring you 2018's Hottest items on the market so you'll have peace of mind when you are shopping on our site. Remember.. here, it's Christmas every day!


Happy affordable shopping to you all!


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  • Cheryl

    I ordered a chess board as a guest on July 1st, haven’t heard anything. Just wondering when I can expect it

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