Dog Charm "Tiger Eye" - Merkkabah- By Cheli Chelouche

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'PAWMULETS' is addressed to pet owners who like hand-crafted pet accessories that combines artistry with the beauty and power of holistic gemstone and crystals. A "New-Age" healing method that can influence and balance pet's Chakras. A complimentary treatment to the traditional medicine by veterinarian. 

Tiger's Eye protects, energizes the body when worn and it is beneficial for weak and sick animals. This powerful stone creates Courage and Confidence and treats the entire Digestive System. It is especially good for protection against all kinds of danger. This is especially helpful for withdrawn and frightened pets. It stimulates the flow energy in the throat and generates well being for the weak and the sick. Tiger Eye is “The stone of self discipline". Its properties include Protection, Clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, balance and courage. Tiger's Eye is considered to be an excellent grounding stone, thus it helps with training your pet. This crystal will assist your pet to adjust to and adapt easier to new changes in lifestyle and places and difficult phases of life. It relieves doubt and bestows self-esteem by increasing courage in nervous and afraid pets. This crystal alleviates depression, mood change, and eye vision; it heals the throat, constrictions, and helps repairing broken bones.

The combination of Tiger Eye's and Rutile quartz aids with the cushing's disease,the endocrine gland and asthma.

• Cushing's Disease
• Anxious
• Dominating or withdrawn animals
• Appetite change, and asthma
• Chasing tail
• In digestive disorders
• Increase energy, and eliminate fatigue.
Endocrine disorder 

Associated with the sacral and solar plexus chakras

This Tiger eye Merkaba (Merkabah) Star is hand cut in India. It combines the energy of Tiger Eye with the Sacred Geometry form of a Merkaba. Merkaba is tetrahedron, made by the intersection of two, three-sided pyramids.

Merkaba is One with all. The Source, Its power and the soul are One.
Merkaba is silent stillness at its center. It is the perfect balance of stillpoint.
Merkaba pulsates, expands, and contracts. This is radiation and absorption of the divine heartthrob. It is the rhythm, vibration and flow between polarities. Merkaba is the All in All.
Merkaba breathes. As it pulsates, it draws energy into your center and radiates that energy back out.
Merkaba is a vortex-sphere. It spins, spirals and turns up and through its own center in an endless, self-generating process. It is the perfect sphere that generates the Tree of Life.
Merkaba contains crystalline geometries. Crystalline structures of light, formed within Merkaba, are a shape code that allows you to move between dimensions and to communicate with civilizations of light. Merkaba functions on all planes: "as above, so below."

Cleaning the crystals: 
Cover or lay your crystal on a bed of brown rice for 24 hours. After cleansing put crystals in moonlight to energize them

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