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'PAWMULETS' is addressed to pet owners who like hand-crafted pet accessories that combines artistry with the beauty and power of holistic gemstone and crystals. A "New-Age" healing method that can influence and balance pet's Chakras. A complimentary treatment to the traditional medicine by veterinarian. 

This Pet Amulet is handcrafted with a beautiful 18 mm Rough Peridot semiprecious gems in an natural state. Adorned with a 6 mm Rose quartz bead. A lobster clasp attaches to the pet’s collar ring and is accompanied with a split ring to accommodate any size of collar ring.

The amulet consists a genuine Peridot rough bead encased in stainless steel wire which is a strong and secured metal. Each "Pawmulet" comes with the Raquel silver tag brand name.

Complimentary - You can choose one of my free accents. If you like I can add a hand stamped disc with the initial of your pet. A gift of appreciation from me to you. Just add the initials at the notes section when you place the order. 

Peridot, also known as Chrysolite, is a variety of Olivine. Peridot is a powerful cleanser. It releases and neutralizes toxins on all levels. 

Chakras - Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra

Peridot enhances energy and vitality. Animals that are kept in during long periods, such as sheep an cattle that are kept inside during the winter months.

As a powerful booster of the life force, peridot will help with the condition known as "fading puppy syndrome". This is the mysterious phenomenon where young pups that have been born apparently healthy, then begin to fade and die for no apparent medical reason. Spraying an essence of peridot around the litter could help to prevent losing them.

Peridot will help your pet during her pregnancy. 

Peridot works on the adrenal glands and can help treating of Cushing's disease alongside with professional vet treatment. 

Emotionally, Peridot helps with jealousy especially when new animals are brought home and the existing members of the family feel left out by the attention the newcomer is getting.

This jealousy is expressed in acts of aggression. 

Many animals, especially dogs, can become jealous of new babies, feeling left out when suddenly deprived of attention. 

Acts as powerful cleanser of toxins
Encourages group harmony
Enhances energy and vitality
Provides support through pregnancy and for newborn

Use for:
- Aggression
- Animals in unnatural conditions
- Changes in the social group
- Diseases of adrenal glands
- Fading puppy syndrome
- Jealousy
- Long periods indoors
- Weak life force

Love & Light

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